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Media and Impact

  • Introducing Kani (Sanskrit Word): A Game-Changing Open-Source AI Framework for Language Models, Medium
    Kani was originally named after the Japanese word for crab and coincidentally means “knowledge” in Sanskrit.
  • Top Trending LLM Projects of the Week: Dive into the Future of Tech! YouTube
  • Kani, an Open-Source Framework from the University of Pennsylvania, is Reshaping Large Language Model Applications,
  • Kani: A Lightweight and Customizable Framework for Language Model Applications, TS2 Space
  • Unlocking AI Potential: Unveiling Kani, the Groundbreaking Open-Source Framework Revolutionizing Large Language Model Applications, CJ&CO
  • Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Introduce Kani: A Lightweight, Flexible, and Model-Agnostic Open-Source AI Framework for Building Language Model Applications, MarkTechPost


Kani poster at EMNLP NLP-OSS Workshop 2023

Suggested Citation

      title={Kani: A Lightweight and Highly Hackable Framework for Building Language Model Applications}, 
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